Next UP- Our eWaste Fundraiser!!  NOV. 15th 2014

As Californians we are all aware of the severe drought and water shortage we have in our state. In our board meeting last night, Fred Abdelnour, our Vice President, asked us to consider whether or not continuing with a car wash fundraiser was sending the right message to our students and the community about our priorities and conservation efforts.

After a good discussion the Rams Baseball Boosters Board voted unanimously to cancel the car wash portion of our upcoming fundraiser on Saturday, November 15th and simply do the eWaste portion of the event. We believe this will set a solid example for other organizations within the Millikan community as to conservation efforts that might be considered, and send a good message to our sons as to our concern about this important resource we all require. We will pour all of our energy towards our eWaste Fundraiser for that day and will notify you of the shifts that will need to be worked for it.

Thank you for understanding and your continued support of Millikan Ram’s Baseball!

On behalf of the Rams Baseball Boosters Inc.,

Randy Smith

Rams Baseball Boosters Inc.